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Ept Computing's website re-launched

Published by Martin Kleppmann on 11 Dec 2007.

Hurrah, the new website of Ept Computing is now online! It’s taken us two months to get there but I’m very pleased with the result. Thanks to Adam for doing the design.

We’ve not only thoroughly re-designed the look and feel of the site to make it a lot more alive and stylish. We have also completely re-written the entire content to bring it more in line with our goals as a company. Previously we just had a rather handwavy blurb about what we do, but this is now a lot more concrete. We do:

  • mobile web development/design (in particular, bringing e-commerce to the mobile web)
  • usability and user experience consulting
  • web application development.

I’m hoping this clear differentiation will help us to give people a better idea of what we do, what we’re passionate about and what we believe in. We previously made the mistake of effectively saying something like “we can do anything, just let us do it” – a proposition which is impossible to sell. Now with this clearer view we should be better off.

Want to be part of the excitement? We have a jobs page.