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BarCamp Brighton - Notes

Published by Martin Kleppmann on 07 Sep 2008.

Just been to BarCampBrighton 3 and it was awesome. It was my first BarCamp and I’m definitely taken by the idea.

The weekend has been full of new ideas, so I will just jot down a few bullet points and links to some of the most interesting things before I forget.

Coworking, social connections between freelancers:

Semantic Web, managing structured/interconnected information (thanks to Tom Morris for most of these links):

  • ONEIS has an interesting-looking approach for storing internal information within an organisation – simple and flexible at the same time.
  • DBpedia has extracted structured information from Wikipedia, put it into RDF form and allows various ways of navigating and displaying the information.
  • Don’t implement your own RDF parser (it’s really quite complicated). Use Jena (Java) or Redland (C).
  • Use N3 (Notation 3) when writing RDF by hand to avoid XML syntax madness.
  • FOAF – description of personal connections using RDF. I heard of ages ago, but only gradually beginning to appreciate how useful it may be. (Social networking without being locked into particular sites?)
  • VoCamp (Vocabulary Camp), a BarCamp-style meeting in Oxford where people get together to define ontologies for specific subject areas. Another camp planned in London for November?
  • Fresnel is a language to describe how to display semantic web data.
  • The National Library of Sweden makes its catalogue available in RDF. E.g. Pippi in RDF/N3 and RDF/XML.
  • The Linking Open Data dataset cloud diagram (linked from

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