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Ending Browser Pain on the Startup Success Podcast

Published by Martin Kleppmann on 25 Nov 2009.

Startup Success Podcast

I was lucky to get a chance to be interviewed by the great Bob Walsh, founder of StartupToDo, and author of the Web Startup Success Guide (review by Joel Spolsky, review by Neil Davidson).

The interview is for the Startup Success Podcast, a series of shows providing a wealth of useful information and inspiration for startups. In this episode, Patrick Foley talks about his visit to the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC), and I talk about Go Test It – what it is, how it works, why we built it, where it is going in future. There’s even a special discount in there! :)

Head over now to the Startup Success Podcast and listen to the episode! (The interview with me starts at about 15 minutes in.)