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Learning about our customers

Published by Martin Kleppmann on 23 Feb 2010.

Back in December I wrote about my realisation that we had not been spending enough time learning about our customers at Go Test It. Since then, I have been working hard to catch up in this area, and the last two months have been an incredible experience.

Although there’s still a long way to go, we have learnt a lot, and we are getting a much clearer idea of where we need to go in future. And I feel that I am developing another startup skill which will no doubt be valuable in future.

I will be writing about our customer discovery process and things we have learnt in a series of blog posts on the Go Test It blog. A slightly provocative teaser from my first post of the series:

A startup’s purpose is not to make money (at least not initially). Nor is its purpose to build a product (although it won’t go far without a product). No, the real reason why a startup exists is to learn about potential customers and to define a market.

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